Commissioning Picture Requirements

Read through these instructions and take required photos 

A photo must be presented for each installed device. A close detailed angle and a wide angle. Every meter and CT must be labeled.

Each photo must be clear, in focus and easily identifiable.

Labeling Requirements:

  1. Current transducers shall be labeled CT1, CT2, CT3
  2. Meter shall be labeled using a a lable maker (see details on installation guidelines) - with the meter's network address in decimal format - refer to Communications & Meter setup in drawings
  3. Electrical Gear shall be labeled with Meter TAG identified in the summary schedule in drawings

Gateways and shelf installed showing the following:

  1. Shelf assembly
  2. Switch Gateway
  3. Modbus Gateway (where applicable)
  4. BACnet Gateway (where applicable)
  5. Ethernet Switch (where applicable)

Metering Installation:

  1. All CT’s to be connected to PS-3037 on the floor with label identifying ampacity
  2. Standing back for full view of panel, meter installation, and CT installation
  3. Close up of the face of the installed meter showing address label (sharpie), rotary dials, network, CT, and voltage terminations 
  4. Close up of any installed j-box containing splices showing connections
  5. Close up of voltage reference taps
  6. Panel schedule identifying meter (where applicable)
  7. Close up of each CT that clearly shows the label and the position of the CT in the panel relative to other CT’s and loads
  8. Standing back - Full view of electrical gear with all access panels in place

Model and Serial numbers:

  1. Switch Gateway- Showing MAC address, Model Number, Serial Number
  2. BACnet. Gateway-  Model Number, Serial Number
  3. Modbus Gateway- Showing MAC address, Model Number, Serial Number
  4. PS3037 Meter(s) – Serial Number