Wells Fargo Site Audit Links

Wells Fargo Audit Links: A complete Site Audit requires completion of all 4 audit forms. Each Auditor is required to have a unique UserID / Password. And each Auditor Company is required to have a unique Auditor Company ID. In each form you must enter an ‘Auditor Company ID’.  You will receive this ID when you receive your login credentials.  

Please browse to each of the URLs listed, complete each form, and call The Internet Of Team when you submit EACH form. 

After each form is Submitted, call (512) 649-5142 and select option # 3 to have IOfTeam verify the completed audit data was properly submitted and received. Get verification from The Internet Of Team, that the data was received and is complete, before proceeding to the next form. After all 4 submissions have been received and verified by The Internet Of Team, you will be free to leave the site and can consider the Site Audit complete.  

1. WF Metering Audit      https://enke.to/_/#YYp1   
2. WF HVAC Audit         https://enke.to/_/#YYpK  
3. WF Lighting Audit      https://enke.to/_/#YYpZ  
4. WF Ancillary Audit     https://enke.to/_/#YYpS