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DATESTORE___AUDITORFault-(Unit # for fault) CodeRTUSPLIT
15/30/2017BBW-803wpierreLL-Temp < OA-Temp-(1;2;) |1,2
25/30/2017VSS-544wpierreCONDENSER PANEL OFF-(1;2;) |2,4
35/30/2017BBW-1628wpierreMISSING DATA-(1;) UNIT COOLING IS UNTESTED-(1)7,11,1
45/31/2017VSS-09101abruitragoCONDENSER PANEL OFF-(2) | MISSING DATA-(1;) UNIT COOLING IS UNTESTED-(1)2,7,11,4
55/31/2017BBW-00761abruitragoCONDENSER PANEL OFF-(1;) | SENSORS ARE NOT CONNECTED LONG ENOUGH-(1;) |2,4,1
65/31/2017VSS-01165abruitragoCONDENSER PANEL OFF-(1;) |2,1
76/1/2017VSS-01570wpierreCONDENSER PANEL OFF-(1;) |2,1
86/1/2017BBW-00166wpierreCONDENSER PANEL OFF-(1;) |2,1
96/1/2017VSS-00146wpierreLL-Temp < OA-Temp-(2) | CONDENSER PANEL OFF-(1;2;) | SENSORS ARE NOT CONNECTED LONG ENOUGH-(1;) |UNIT IS UNDER CHARGED-(2)1,2,4,12,3
106/1/2017VSS-01603-(10)juniojLL-Temp < OA-Temp-(1;) |1,1
116/1/2017VDD-01603rloperLL-Temp < OA-Temp-(1;) |1,1
126/2/2017BBW-01045-(12)rloperCONDENSER PANEL OFF-(1;2;) | CHECK LIQUID LINE READINGS-(1;2;)2,6,2
136/2/2017BBW-01045-(13)sbrightCONDENSER PANEL OFF-(1;2;) | CHECK LIQUID LINE READINGS-(1;) UNIT IS UNDER CHARGED-(2)2,6,12,2
146/2/2017VSS-01603-(14)sbrightLL-Temp < OA-Temp-(1;) |1,1

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