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Buildings Controls Integration Designed and Optimized For You the Customer

The typical equipment installation

Our team has spent our careers visiting buildings at the request of customers only to find too often that work was never complete to the standard customers expected.  We find that shortcuts are often taken during fitting equipment to curbs, deploying equipment's energy efficiencies functions and energy savings economizers dialable or not properly setup.  Customers are both surprised and disappointed that the features they purchased on their equipment are not providing the savings they were sold on.  The truth is that many of these problems are induced by never providing an adequate installation and operational document.  Even when adequate documentation is provided rarely is work audited or validated prior to turnover to the customer.  We believe there is a better way to ensure your buildings and assets perform as you expect.  We have developed a process that brings the installing contractor, controls contractor, commissioning agent and most importantly you the customer together at the start. We ensure proper scope and understanding takes place.  We then deploy a process with a digital cloud-based tool that guides the team through work that needs to be performed.  We also require a digital audit to be performed and  using our cloud -based analytic tool validate that the equipment and building has been properly commissioned before the team leaves the site.

A Better Solution

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We have developed a closed loop digital process

We place Quality Control and Compliance at the center of our process and it is the driving force of our work.  We do this by clarify, simplifying and auditing through our analytics engine the work is performed on your buildings and assets to the highest standards.

Our Solution Starts With Our Process

Stage One - The Modeling Phase

We use a two-step process the first and most important work is done in stage one.  This is where we document your expectations and translate them into our digital solution. We validate the process to ensure it is well understood and meets your requirements prior to moving into a larger scale production phase.  During this stage reports and scorecards are developed with active your customer participation. We recommend a minimum of 10 but recommend 20 sites be selected not all coming from the same geographical region.  During the modeling phase we are looking to see a diverse cross section of buildings and equipment to ensure our digital processes and solutions meet the range of what is expected in the field.

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Stage Two - The Production Phase

In the second stage we are moving into a full-scale implementation.  We meet with and train all your contractors on our system as well as insure they have complete understanding of the scope of work and your quality expectations.  During the production phase we have dashboards to track all work performed and provide proper agreed upon escalation when work does not meet defined schedules.  We share with all your contractors the effectivity and efficiency of their technical staff.  We have found this extremely useful for contractors as it helps point to address areas for remedial training and all performance is shared with local on-site tradesmen.  We work hard to ensure a positive, collaborative teamwork environment is maintained.

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Our Solution is Hardware Independent

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We Deploy Graphical Cloud-Based Reporting

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Our Solutions Provide the Results Your Business Desires

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