The Internet Of Team Site Commissioning Online Forms

Commissioning Tool Instructions


The IOfTeam Commissioning Tool consists of:

1. web form for submitting the commissioning information,

2. mobile app called ownCloud for submitting photos.

A complete commissioning requires completion of the web form, taking all required pictures and submitting the forms and photos online for approval.


Each tech is required to have a unique UserID / Password, in order to login to the Iofteam Commissioning Tool Forms, and the ownCloud app.

If you do not yet have a UserID/Password, please send an email to: with subject: ‘Auditor Setup’ and request to be setup as a Wells Fargo site auditor.

Please provide the following information in that email.

              Full Name

              Email address

              Mobile Phone Number

              Make and model of mobile phone or tablet being used for the audits

              Company Name

              Company Address

              Company Phone Number

IOfTeam will set up an account on the IOfTeam Audit Tool and text the UserId / Password to your mobile phone.


You will also be required to purchase ($0.99) and install the ownCloud app on the mobile phone or tablet that you will be using for the audits.

On the device that you will be using to conduct the audits, click on the following links, or go to the app store and download and install the app named ‘ownCloud’.

Android Devices:

IOS devices

Install the app, and login.

You will be prompted for the ServerID, UserName, and Password.

The ServerID is

Use the Username and Password that has been assigned to you by IOfTeam.

You will need to agree to a trust certificate warning, click ‘Yes’ Trust this site.

Enter your Username and Password and ‘Connect’

It will then connect to our cloud server and give you a listing of the folders on that server.

The WFAudit folder has multiple subfolders that correspond to the Wells Fargo BE# (Building ID), that is the folder to which you will post the photos.


Commissioning Picture Requirements

It is recommended that you print these requirements and carry them with you as a reference during the commissioning picture phase.

Uploading the Photos:

After you have taken all of the photos for the audit, open the ‘Photo Gallery’ on your mobile phone and select all of the photos that you will upload.

Select ‘Share’, and then check each of the photos that you will be uploading, and ‘Share’.

When you select ‘Share’ it should pop up a message requesting how you would like to share the photos.

Select the OwnCloud icon

It will then list the folders on the OwnCloud server.

Select the WF Commissioning folder, and sub-folder with the name that matches the BE# of the site you are at. (click on the folder name)

Then click on ‘Upload’ (in the lower right corner of the screen).

All of the photos will be uploaded to the cloud.

After the upload is complete, you can review the files that are in the folder to make sure that all of them were uploaded successfully.

Call (512) 649-5142 and select option # 2 to have IOfTeam verify the completed commissioning data was properly submitted and received.

Using the commissioning web form:

Please browse to the URL listed, complete the form, and call The Internet Of Team after you submit. You will be required to take field measurements and will need to leave panels accessible until commissioning is complete.

Commissioning Webform

 After each form is Submitted, call (512) 649-5142 and select option # 2 to have IOfTeam verify the completed data was properly submitted and received.