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Providing the First Fully Digital Cloud-Based Process Workflow for Site Surveying, Labor Performance Management, and Commissioning with  Enterprise-Wide Building and Equipment Monitoring, Maintenance, and Management.

Our product is a curated digital process that is tailored to your needs

Traditional building controls processes for selection, installation, commissioning and maintenance in the buildings controls integration market have been based on analog paper processes with little or no validation or auditing of work conducted.  The IOfTeam has created a fully curated digital process from the initial surveying, through design, installation and commissioning of building controls projects.  All work is structured in a cloud based audited process that ensures consistency and configuration control. 

Our Solution puts you the client at the center of the process. Giving you visibility to effectivity and efficacy of all work performed on your critical building integrations. The development of digital standards and work instructions provide contractors with specific standards of practice and provides consistency that all your buildings controls project is structured to your needs.  We don't stop here as all work is audited and documented to ensure work performed truly conforms to expectations.  The audit process generates a digital record that includes photos of all work completed. 


Our #1 priority is you, the customer. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your buildings as much as you do, which is why we offer amazing support at our dedicated support center. In addition, we offer customized reporting with extensive personalized features. We work together collaboratively to insure all your requirements are captured and executed to the highest quality standards.  We provide full access to all our tools and processes. We believe in complete transparency. You can count on us.


We work with your contractors to develop a process and reports that helps them understand their team’s effectivity and efficiency. We believe collaborating and working with your contractors brings great value and mutual ownership of success.  Contractors and tradesmen receive real-time feedback on all work performed. Our digital audit process alerts technicians when work is fully completed as well as highlights areas that need additional action before they leave the building.


Isn't It Time To Make It Easier

Get the results your organization expects at lower costs

The latest technology

We deploy the latest scalable cloud technology to present, record, audit and archive all work performed.  Our system deploys the latest in cloud security. We use the most up to date technologies from world class providers.

Security is at our Products' Core

We work with fortune one hundred companies with extremely rigorous procedures and policies.

The best approach

It’s time that the analog days of handwritten documents are transitioned into a fully auditable, verified digital process that is traceable, managed and archived. Clients and contractors have the reassurance that quality and customer satisfaction is the number one focus.

Developed for the Enterprise Customer

Our tools were developed for your enterprise in mind with graphical navigation at its backbone.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

What we offer our clients



Installation of new or connecting to legacy installed technologies enabling reuse of past controls investments during cloud migration.

  • Equipment Optimization
  • Site Surveying
  • Document Process and KPIs
  • Quality Audits

IoT Enablement

Enterprise Optimization

Site level optimization and integration with cloud computing allow efficient equipment asset and building management

  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Remote Management
  • Analytics and Alerts
  • Performance KPIs

Digital Traceability

Performance Management

Digital capture, reconciliation and traceability for all activities using our cloud-based Business Enabled Infrastructure (BEI).

  • Digital Process
  • Cloud Based Analysis
  • Digital Record Retention
  • Enterprise Reporting
3000+ Pieces Equipment
500+ Buildings
1000+ Equipment Optimized
80% Reduction Customer Callbacks
150+ Years of Experience
150+ Years of Experience